Palermo Società Sportiva Dilettantistica a Responsabilità Limitata Ethical code


Palermo S.S.D. A.R.L. is a newly established amateur football club.

The Club’s first fundamental aim is to guarantee its supporters the widest sporting satisfaction.

This aim must be pursued by reconciling the achievement of a sports organization with a technical level which is appropriate to the highest standards of its category, together with the club’s ethical approach of conduct and management devoted to transparency and participation, maintaining a style of conduct over time which is consistent with shared ethical principles, and by developing a trustworthy relationship both with its supporters and “stakeholders”, that means with those categories of individuals, groups, organizations or institutions whose interests are influenced by the direct and indirect effects of the activity carried out by Palermo S.S.D. A.R.L.

In order for the Club to guarantee effective participation in its activities to Stakeholders, Institutions (City of Palermo) and Supporters, Palermo S.S.D. A.R.L. promotes the establishment of a “Board Committee” which is composed of three members representing the three categories, so as to guarantee management control and verification by the entire community also in the future.

The Company also promotes a concrete internationalization project for its brand, which transforms the identification between the city and the football team into a virtuous asset to generate value and investments for both.

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