Use regulations of Renzo Barbera Stadium of Palermo

(Article 1 septies of Legislative Decree 28/2003, converted and modified by Law 88/2003)

Important: access and stay at the sports facility is expressly subject to the implicit acceptance by the spectator of these Regulations and those regulations issued by FIFA, UEFA, Lega Nazionale Dilettanti (National Amateurs League), Palermo società sportiva dilettantistica a r.l, by the Public Security Authority.

Access and stay at the sports facility are governed by these regulations, the purchase of an admission ticket determines the unconditional acceptance by the spectator of this Regulation.

Failure to do so will result in the immediate termination of the service contract, with the consequent removal of the offender from the sports facility and the application of a fine from 100 to 500 euros.
If the offender has already been fined, during the same sports season even if at a different sports facility, for the same violation of the use regulations, the fine can be increased up to half of the maximum amount and the spectator will be banned from sporting events.

Sports facility means all areas of relevance, either occupied or used by Palermo s.s.d. a r.l., including the external reserved area.

Event means any football event, organized and managed by the Club, taking place at the stadium.

Stadium means the entire sports facility.

Club means Palermo società sportiva dilettantistica a r.l.

By purchasing an admission ticket, the spectator will view and comply with all the regulations governing the use of the sports facility, which can be found both on the official website of Palermo ssd and posted at the Stadium.

In any case, the sale of season memberships, admission tickets or (including those reserved for the guests area) are not only conditioned by this regulation but also by the instructions and various resolutions undertaken by the Ministry of the Interior, both by the Federal Authorities and the Organisms of Public Authority.

Spectators, in particular, are required to respect and follow behavioral rules, prohibitions and all of the following warnings:

1. Access and stay at the Stadium will only be allowed to spectators holding valid admission tickets, which shall be kept throughout the entire Event and must be exhibited at any time at the request of a ticket inspector or club staff members.

2. Admission tickets to the Stadium are personal and will only be issued after the buyer’s personal data has been registered and cannot be transferred to third parties.

3. Any invalid ticket, held by a person other than the holder, will be withdrawn by the stewards, Club officials and Italian Law Enforcement agencies. Anyone found with an invalid ticket will be identified and, if the conditions are met, pursued by law. The aforementioned ticket will be withheld by the Club and then eventually given back to the legitimate owner.

4. In order to access the sports facility, everyone, including minors, are required to have a valid ID which shall be exhibited at the request of the Club’s staff, together with an admission ticket, the pre-filtering and filtering gates, in order to allow the inspectors to verify the correspondence between the holder in possession of the admission ticket to the Stadium and the actual user (natural person who owns it).

5. For public order purposes, Italian law enforcement agencies or the Club may restrict or prohibit entrance or stay at the Stadium also to spectators who exhibit a valid admission ticket. Under no circumstances will people who are subject to any formal notice for acts of sporting violence be admitted to the stadium.

6. The Club is not liable, unless the fact is directly attributable to its negligence and fault, for losses, accidents or damage to people or property inside the Stadium.

7. Date and time of the Event may be modified through specific provisions issued by Italian law enforcement agencies or sporting authorities without this causing any liability to the Club.

8. In case of a postponed or canceled Event or if carried out following the closure of the entire stadium or parts of it, reimbursement will occur as provided for by the agreement related to the purchase of admission tickets. The Club will not have any other obligation other reimbursing tickets nor have responsibility for any title, reason, action. Reimbursements or ticket replacements will take place only after they have been exhibited and then returned.

9. Italian Law Enforcement Agencies or the Club will have the right to perform security checks on all those spectators who intend to enter or gain access to the Stadium. Both access and stay will be denied to anyone who refuses to go through the security checks carried out by Italian law enforcement agencies or the Club.

10. In order to guarantee spectators’ safety, stewards will carry out checks on individuals. This activity, aimed at avoiding the introduction of illegal, prohibited and/or dangerous materials, can be done by carrying out a “summary check” on the bags and items carried by the spectators as well as on the individuals themselves, proceeding to further checks and using the PAT-DOWN technique (article 1, paragraph 3, of Italian Ministerial Decree approved on 28 July 2011) also with the use of portable metal detectors.

11. PAT-DOWN, or searches on spectators or on their clothes aimed at finding dangerous or forbidden hidden objects, without introducing any hands into the bags and pockets of spectators, includes:

  • Requesting a spectator to carry out this technique and highlighting the fact that in case of refusal, the individual will be controlled by police officers;
  • Requesting spectators to show all objects kept inside pockets and inside both clothing items and bags and/or backpacks;
  • Inviting spectators to put their arms out in order to perform an adequate control;
  • Warning that, in the event of refusal, the intervention of a police operator will be required and that the refusal to inspection will constitute a violation of the stadium use regulations, with a consequent fine and removal from the stadium;
  • A summary control, using the Pat-down technique, of the areas where dangerous objects could be hidden, will be performed by respecting the dignity of the person (for this purpose checks will be carried out by people of the same sex as the spectator).

12. The following objects cannot be carried inside the Stadium: knives, scissors, poisons, flammable and harmful substances, drugs, pyrotechnics, explosives, smoke bombs, torches, flares and Bengal torches, gas horns, dangerous objects, light ray emitting systems (pointers or laser lights), stones, marbles, bottles, glass containers, cans, PET bottles even if they do not have a cap, belts with large metal buckles, helmets, boots, rods, chains, video cameras, reflex type cameras, large and medium-sized binoculars, large and medium-sized umbrellas with metal heads, bulky luggage, video recorders, radios and all kinds of equipment and/or objects which be launched or used as a weapon and/or are dangerous for public safety. Anyone found with any of the above materials will not be admitted or will be banned from the stadium, subject to the provisions provided for by the Judicial Authority and Italian law enforcement agencies.

13. Threatening, violent or abusive language behaviors are strictly forbidden and are punished with the arrest and/or expulsion of the spectator from the Stadium.

14. Insults and chanting choirs, harassment of any kind and other offensive acts are strictly forbidden and will be punished with the arrest and expulsion from the Stadium of the spectator.

15. The following are punishable according to the regulations in force:

  • Throwing objects onto the field;
  • Vulgar and/or racist choirs, vulgar and/or racist banners or signs;
  • Entering the field or areas forbidden to spectators;
  • Climbing over gates, barriers and balustrades of any kind;
  • Being in the possession of any object that can cause danger to public safety.

16. All spectators accessing the Stadium can ONLY occupy the seat which is specified on their ticket and must not move from one section of the Stadium to another unless authorized by the Club or by the Police. The section which is reserved for the supporters of the visitors will be used exclusively for that purpose, except for cases in which the Club, by mutual agreement with the Police and local Authorities, decide otherwise.

17. It is forbidden to remain standing throughout the match.

18. It is strictly forbidden to obstruct any passages, entrances, exits and stairs. Climbing over stadium facilities is strictly forbidden.

19. The use of mobile phones is permitted inside the Stadium for exclusive personal and private use.

20. Any person who has entered the Stadium areas which are designated to host the supporters of the opposing team improperly can be expelled, for his/her safety and for any other purpose.

20.bis. It is strictly forbidden, without prior written authorization from the National Amateur League, to record, transmit or in any case exploit: the audio, visual or audio-visual content of the game except for personal and private use; or any data, statistics and/or description of the separate portion for own non-commercial purposes.

21. It is forbidden to carry out commercial or promotional activities, distribute both free or paid types of goods, including brochures, collect donations, without the Club’s prior authorization.

22. CCTV cameras are installed at the stadium. The Club is obliged to make both data and recording media available to the Judicial Authority and law enforcement agencies.

23. During their stay at the Stadium, spectators must follow the instructions of the Club staff, the Police Forces and the authorized Order Service. Non-compliance with the instructions can be will lead to expulsion from the Stadium.

24. It is forbidden to use disguises that do not allow distinguishing one’s face.

25. It is forbidden to enter and/or remain inside the stadium while being intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics or psychotropic substances.

26. It is forbidden to bring in, hold or take substances that can alter one’s normal behavior and/or to access the stadium under their effect.

27. It is forbidden to bring in, sell, distribute, also free of charge, drinks or food in general without the prior authorization of the Club.

28. Anyone who is found to be damaging or disfiguring, in any way, facilities, infrastructures and services of the Stadium or Club properties will be reported to the police.

29. Anyone who has received a warning or has been convicted by a Court for racist behavior or violence against other spectators, officers or players will be banned from the Stadium for all Events.

30. Anyone who commits criminal acts inside the stadium or in the areas surrounding the Stadium, while approaching or leaving the Stadium, during an event may be subject to an injunction to access to the Stadium for all future Events.

31. The Club reserves the right to ban anyone who does not comply with Stadium Regulations or whose presence at the Stadium may be considered as a cause of danger or disturbance to other spectators. This can lead to a withdrawal by the Club, without reimbursement, of memberships or admission tickets or other actions that the Club reserves the right to make in the future.

32. It is forbidden to bring any kind of animal and species into the sports facility.

33. Bringing in and displaying, inside the Sports facility, banners and any other material similar to them (posters, signs, printed or written materials), including those used for choreography purposes, as well as drums and other kinds of sound diffusion products (e.g. megaphones) will be regulated in compliance with the Resolution by the Italian National Observatory on Sports Events (Osservatorio Nazionale sulle Manifestazioni Sportive) no. 14 approved on 8 March 2007 and following one on 30/05/2012. To this end, it should be remembered that the introduction and display of banners and choreographies as well as megaphones and drums, which must be requested at least seven days before the event, will only be allowed in accordance with the authorization given by the Director of Italian GOS (Safety Operating Group). Authorized material can be brought into the Stadium, through the gate indicated by the Club, at least 1 hour before turnstiles are functioning. The same material must be removed at the end of the event.

With reference to drums and sound diffusion instruments (megaphones) it is specified that:

  • climbing over balustrades is forbidden and will be sanctioned, in particular for directing choirs through megaphones and drums;
  • it is forbidden to install special structures for positioning supporters using megaphones and drums;
  • “single-beat” drums, authorized for access, are those that have just one useful surface and not a single stick.

34. Palermo s.s.d. a r.l. reserves the right to modify this regulation with immediate effect, also for those who have already purchased an admission ticket, as a result of legislative, administrative and/or public safety measures.


Among the behaviors that materialize criminal cases, reference shall be made to the offenses indicated in article 6, paragraph I, of Law n. 401 approved on 13 December 1989, and subsequent amendments and additions, and, in particular, to those regarding the misrepresentation, ostentation of emblems or symbols representing associations that spread discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons, including incitement to violence during matches, as well as the possession, launch and use of any hazardous materials, climbing over fences and/or section separators and field invasion.


It should be noted that the Stadium is controlled by an audio and video recording system installed both inside (maximum safety area) and outside (restricted area) of it.

Recording is carried out from the opening until the closing of the sports facility.

Data and recording support will be stored at the Stadium, with the adoption of every security measure required by law.

Data may be viewed and handed over to the Judicial Authority and law enforcement agencies, or to the expressly designated public security officers or judicial police, upon request.

Unused data will be deleted after seven days.

Personal Data Processing is carried out, according to the provisions of European Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), by VIVATICKET.

The processing of recording media, according to the provisions in force, is carried out by the Club.


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